The National Cadet Corps (NCC) serves as a prominent youth organization across various nations, with notable prominence in India, dedicated to fostering discipline, leadership, and patriotism among young citizens. Its primary objective is to cultivate character, camaraderie, and a spirit of adventure and service within its cadets through diverse activities encompassing drills, community service initiatives, adventure sports, and leadership development programs. Playing a pivotal role in molding the future leaders of the nation, the NCC instills a profound sense of duty towards the country while promoting unity and national integration.

Through a spectrum of national-level camps such as the Annual Training Camp (ATC), Basic Leadership Camp (BLC), Advanced Leadership Camp (ALC), National Integration Camp (NIC), Trekking and Mountaineering Camps, Thal Sainik Camp (TSC), Pre-Rd and Republic Day Camp (RDC), and Youth Exchange Programme (YEP), the NCC offers invaluable opportunities for its cadets to develop and excel.

The N.C.C Subunit of St. Joseph’s College Moolamattom comprises 86 cadets, including 54 Boys (SD) and 32 Girls (SW), operating under the jurisdiction of the 18 K Battalion Muvattupuzha, Kottayam Group, Kerala, and Lakshadweep Directorate, India. Additionally, the NCC provides ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificates to further empower and equip its enrolled cadets for future endeavors.