College RulesRules

  1. The Principal is the ultimate disciplinary authority in the college.

  2. Every one should stand at attention at the sound of the prayer bell and continue to remain so till the prayer song ends, wherever he /she be in the college campus.

  3. Stand up as the teacher enters and leaves the class. Greet him/ her as he / she enters the class and thank him/ her as he/ she leaves it.

  4. Students should not enter or leave a class in session without the teacher’s permission.

  5. During free hours the students are expected to make use of the library, Computer Lab or go to the retiring room. No one should be found loitering in the veranda during free hours disturbing the classes in progress.

  6. In words and deeds students are expected to be most decorous. They should always bear in mind that character formation is the ultimate aim of university education.

  7. Every student shall handle the college property with care. Vandalism and destruction of college property will be severely dealt with and material loss will be fully recovered with fine.

  8. Election on the basis of politics is forbidden as per the court order and political activity in the campus is disallowed. Students resorting to strike are strictly warned not to enter any class room. No demonstrations, dharnas and strikes are permissible inside the campus.

  9. Students are not allowed to address the college authrorities in a body as such action is subversive.

  10. Students are expected to keep the premises of the college tidy, clean and healthy.

  11. Every student shall be properly dressed and hair dressed. Students shall not wear shabby or showy clothes.

  12. Smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages and the use of narcotic drugs are strictly prohibited.

  13. The back veranda of the college is meant exclusively for the girls. Boys are not expected to use it.

  14. Any student whose presence in the college is found detrimental to the general well being of the institution shall be removed from the college permanently or temporarily depending upon the gravity of the case.

  15. Students should carry at all times college identity card which should be shown to the authorities when demanded.

  16. No formal meeting or celebration classwise or otherwise can be arranged without the presence of a teacher.

  17. No closed-door function or celebration is allowed in the absence of teachers.

  18. The use of cell phone is strictly forbidden inside the campus.

  19. No type of fund raising by the students should be permitted, as these practices lead to extortion and misuse of funds.

  20. Bike race / Motor car race/ Elephant procession or similar activities shall not be permitted inside the campus.

  21. No type of vehicles shall be used during celebrations inside the College campus.

  22. All celebrations in the campus will be under the supervision of the principal or the staff designated by the principal.

  23. Students will be allowed to bring their vehicles only up to the designated parking area. Entry beyond that point is strictly prohibited.

  24. The use of two wheeler for 1st year students and four wheeler for all students are strictly restricted inside the campus.

  25. Students availing public bus service are to maintain queue system while boarding the bus.

  26. The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant for any course without explicating any reason, if he/ she feels that admission of that person is detrimental to the interest and discipline of the college.

  27. In the interest of the institutions and for the sake of discipline, the principal is entitled to take any punitive action on any student for his/her misconduct.

  28. Misconduct shall include :

  • Not attending clasess without sufficient reason
  • Disrespectful behaviour towards the staff
  • Provoking students to strike and participating in strike in the college.
  • Loitering in the Verandas during free hours and creating disturbance to the classes in progress.
  • Organizing tours without the permission of the principal.
  • Blocking gates/doors or passages which would restrict the mobility of staff and students in the college.
  • Involvement in manhandling or harassing fellow students.
  • Disturbing the programmes and functions in the auditorium by shouting , howling or dancing.
  • Resorting to any kind of malpractice in the examinations.
  • Scribling offensive, abusive or obscene words or figures on black boards or any kind of writing on the walls or other places in the college or in the college campus.
  1. Students have to occupy their seats by the second bell at the commencement of morning and afternoon sessions. The teachers will be present in the class before the third bell. Observance of strict silence during morning prayer is compulsory.

  2. Every student must wear their uniform on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  3. Every student has to wear their Identity Card when they are in the college campus.

  4. There shall be a Class Council for every class comprising HOD, Tutor, Parent and Student representatives. The Council is responsible for monitoring and regulating the general discipline in the class concerned. The decision of the HOD is final in any matter of dispute.