The Department of English has been an integral part of the college, since its establishment in 1981. Over the years, it has earned a strong reputation as a leading centre for postgraduate studies, attracting students from various parts of the state.  The department aims to encourage creative writing among students by inspiring imagination and critical thinking, while also enhancing students’ communication skills and introducing them to the art of research for self-directed learning, ultimately preparing them for better employability. 

The Undergraduate program in English Literature, with a vocational course in Copy-Editor started in 2001 as an innovative programme for students aspiring to pursue careers in publishing and journalism. This unique degree program includes specialized modules in Editing, Publishing, Desktop Printing, in addition to courses covering English language and literature.  Successful graduates of the B.A. English (Copy Editor) program not only secure job placements but also become eligible to pursue higher studies in areas such as English Language and Literature, Journalism, Mass Communication, Media Studies, and other programs that require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. 

The department rose to the level of a Post Graduate Department with the commencement of Masters Programme in English Language and Literature in the aided stream in 2014.  At the postgraduate level, the department offers courses in accordance with the restructured curriculum of MG University, Kottayam, Kerala, with the electives in cluster 3 viz. Modern European Fiction, Modern European Drama and Indian Poetics: Theories and Texts. The M.A. syllabus places emphasis on academic research, particularly through the research project in the IV semester, aimed at introducing students to the world of scholarly research.

Alongside the UG and PG programs in English Literature, the Department expanded its offerings to include various Certificate programs in areas such as ‘Graphic Designing,’ ‘Communication Skills,’ ‘Creative Writing’ and ‘Digital Communication Skills’ ‘Public Speaking Skills’ etc. to provide students with the opportunity to acquire valuable interdisciplinary skills. The Department also offers an Open Course in ‘Appreciating Films’ for the fifth semester UG students.   

The Department is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including a Modernistic Language Lab, an Audio-Visual Lab, and a Digital Repository. The extensive collection of classic films in the department is a source of pride, as they connect the student community with the realm of cinema. The Department is committed to preparing the students for prestigious institutions and national-level competitive examinations like NET/JRF through specialized coaching and training. The Department’s collaborations with foreign organizations further enhance the global exposure for the students.

ENLITA, the English Literary Association, and Tagore Forum, the interdisciplinary literary wing, offer numerous avenues for students to showcase their talents in communication and creativity. 

TAGORE FORUM, the auxiliary club of the Department of English, is an interdisciplinary literary wing of the Department of English which functions to prune the histrionic, communicative and creative talents of students.

The Department has its best practice, ‘Synergize,’ which explores the potentials of the students within the department and harnesses the best possibilities to leverage their faculty in literature, humanities, and arts. This initiative aims to create a class of prodigious students excelling in various competitions in arts and allied disciplines.

The Department engages with the general public through its distinctive extension activities, with a particular focus on the ‘Book Donation Drive.’ This initiative involves collecting books from both the faculty and students of the college, as well as from the public, and subsequently donating them to various service sector institutions such as tribal schools, hospitals, and orphanages, thereby promoting a culture of reading. These activities also provide students with opportunities for exposure and heightened awareness. 

The Department regularly organizes industrial visits to keep undergraduate students abreast of the latest innovations in printing and publishing. These visits offer hands-on training on printing technology and take students to leading publishing houses to gain practical insights and experience.

The English Department’s distinct pedagogy emphasizes immersive learning through film screenings, philatelic presentations, language lab, and manuscript magazines. These interactive strategies engage students in critical discussions, cultural exploration, and creative expression. By integrating diverse approaches, including Seminar presentations, flipped classrooms, group discussions and multimedia presentations, the department cultivates a dynamic learning environment that fosters deep comprehension and a lasting passion for language and literature.


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