Members of IQAC

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), has proposed all accredited higher educational institutions to constitute an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) to monitor the quality improvement initiatives of the institution. Following this proposal,  SJCM has constituted an IQAC consisting of representatives of its stakeholders in order to ensure continuous improvement in all the operational aspects and thereby assure quality.


It is decided to reconstitute the IQAC of the college incorporating the following members w.e.f June 5, 2023

Rev. Dr. Thomas George CMI (Principal) Chairperson

Dr. Sabukkutty M.G – Convenor 

Mr. Roby Mathew -Co-Ordinator

Dr. Jose James -NAAC Coordinator

Rev. Dr. Jomon Sebastian CMI – Management Representative

Dr. Justine Joseph 

Dr. Joseph George 

Dr. Sr. Sijo Francis SABS

Dr. Anju P. Mathews

Mr. Aneesh N

Mr. Jimmy George

Dr. Mathew Kanamala 

Ms. Droupathy Devi C.G

Rev. Fr. Tison Thomas Kocheril CMI -Office Superintendent-in-charge 

Mr. Juby Issac – Industry Expert 

Mr. Tomy Valikulam – Local Body Representative 

Mr. Roshan Paul – Alumni Representative 

Mr. Rahul J. Nair – Employer 

Mr. Alex Abraham – PTA President 

Ms. Ancy Joseph – Student Representative