St. Joseph’s College Moolamattom had a very humble beginning. It was started as a junior college, affiliated to the University of Kerala in 1981 with just two arts batches for the pre-degree course. In the absence of a permanent building the classes were held in the parish hall of Arakulam Puthenpally . The institution owes an immense debt of gratitude to Rev. Frs. Melanius CMI and Colombiere CMI, the founding fathers of the institution and also to Fr. Clerus CMI, who in his capacity as the Education Councillor did a yeoman service in the initial stages of the institution. The institution can never forget the hospitality and generosity of Rev. Fr. Michael Kottaram, the Vicar of Arakulam Puthenpally who was gracious enough to let us use the parish hall as a makeshift college.

Rev. Dr.Thomas V. Kalarickal CMI was the first Principal of the college. Being a psychologist and a broad- minded educationalist he felt the pulses of the new born institution keenly and helped it grow lavishing on it all the care and concern it required. It stands to his credit that he was able to shift the classes to the newly constructed building at Arakulam in June 1982.

The institution remembers with gratitude the services of Rev. Fr. Abraham Perikilakkad CMI who designed the beautiful college building and Rev. Fr. Lazar Thannippara CMI who completed the construction of the building.

After two years of meritorious service as Principal Rev. Dr.Thomas V. Kalarickal CMI left the institution in March 1983 to become the Principal of St. Joseph’s Training College, Mannanam. Rev. Fr. Aloysius CMI was appointed his successor in March 1983. He continued to be at the helm till 1990 for seven years. It was evidently a period of consistent growth for the institution and it emerged as one of the best colleges for pre-degree result under the Mahatma Gandhi University. Fr. Aloysius CMI will be remembered for his child like innocence, honesty, cordiality and devotion to his work. He gave the needed prop to the institution during its infantile period and kept it from floundering and tottering.

Rev. Fr. K. C. Chandy CMI became the Principal of the college in 1990 and he continued in the office till 1996 for a period of six years. In his tenure as the Principal of the college he laboured much to make the college a prestigious institution. The college was upgraded with the starting of a graduation course in Chemistry in 1991. The B. A. degree course in Economics was started in 1993 and the B. B. M. degree course in 1995. Fr. K. C. Chandy was a man with immense engineering skill and the broad and beautiful flight of steps leading to the college bears testimony to it. Under his able stewardship were constructed the college library, auditorium, the various laboratories and the rest house for the girl students. Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Jose Joseph CMI succeeded

Rev. Fr. K. C. Chandy CMI as the Principal of the college in 1996. He served the institution as Principal for six years till his retirement in 2002. He was a man of vision and foresight and devoted himself to provide the institution with the infra structure it so far lacked. To inculcate a healthy sporting spirit among the students he constructed two beautiful stadia, one for volleyball and the other for basketball. A parking lot for teachers and a toilet building for boys were also constructed. A very sincere effort was made to spruce up the college campus with a garden. His crowning achievement was the main gate he constructed in front of the college which is acclaimed by all as an architectural marvel. In almost all his works Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Jose Joseph was ably assisted by the then bursar, Rev. Fr.Jacob Poriyath CMI. Academically also the college made deep strides during his tenure. B. Sc. Physics (V) Applied Electronics was started in 1998. The college was elevated to the stature of a senior college in 1999 with the starting of M. Sc. Chemistry. In 2001 B. A. English (V) Copy Editor was started. He also took the initial steps to secure the recognition of the U G C for the college.

Rev. Dr. C. J. Paul CMI took charge as the Principal of the College in April 2002 following the retirement of Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Jose Joseph CMI. His three years of service in the institution till his retirement in 2005 had been an eventful one, with the institution making a giant leap in all fronts. Being a committed academician and a meticulous planner and doer Rev. Dr. C. J. Paul CMI laboured incessantly to usher in a culture of quality and excellence to the institution. He modernized the Library making it user-friendly with the latest software, made the staff and students computer literate by setting up a Computer Centre and by providing the departments with computers, installed an EPBAX system and brought out a news letter called The Throbbings to ensure the smooth flow of information in the campus and set up a Language Lab and Counselling Centre to develop the soft skills and self-esteem of the students. The Staff Quarters, Men’s Hostel and the Canteen started in his tenure helped much the staff and students coming from afar. The academic front witnessed a breathtaking metamorphosis under the leadership of Rev. Dr. C.J. Paul CMI. The College was included under 2(f) and 12-B of the UGC Act and it paved the way for UGC aid for the College and faculty improvement programmes for the staff. The development of the Department of Chemistry into a Research Centre, the starting of Self-Financing Courses in M.A. Economics and B.Com., the introduction of UGC sponsored career oriented Add-on Courses, the starting of out- reach programmes and extension services to help the local community were all remarkable events associated with the the name of Rev. Dr. C. J.Paul CMI. However, the greatest and most memorable achievement of Rev. Dr. C.J. Paul CMI was the NAAC accreditation of the college in 2005 with a B+(78 points) grade.

Rev. Fr. Thomas Maliyackal CMI took charge as the Principal of the college in June 2005 following the retirement of Rev. Dr. C.J. Paul CMI. Being a committed teacher and a veteran administrator he laboured to inculcate a spirit of work culture in the college. With a view to making the college academically more relevant and career oriented he introduced several coaching sessions with the aid of the UGC. A postgraduate course in M.S.W. was started in August 2005 in the self-financing stream. A college bus was secured to ease the mobility of the staff and students in the college. The Chemistry Research Laboratory was modernized to suit the needs of the research students. The Computer Lab was also refurnished with the latest networking system. The institution remembers him gratefully as a man destined to govern it at a very turbulent period of its history.

Rev. Dr. Gilson John CMI, the present Principal of the college, assumed office in June 2009. He had been a teacher of Economics in S.H. College, Thevara and he carries with him the rich experience of a career trainer and educationalist. As a man with an accommodating and receptive mind, he considers it his mission to create a warm atmosphere of collegiality and camaraderie in the institution besides taking it to the greater heights of quality and excellence.

To commemorate, St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara, he started the chavara memorial talk in Janury 2010. Eminent orators from various walks of life are invited every year to keep alive the memories of this great educationist.

He was able to fulfill the long cherished dream of the college to provide a congenial atmosphere to relish good food, when the new canteen block was inaugurated in Jan 2012. Under his leadership the college underwent NAAC Reaccreditation in August 2012 and was awarded high B grade with a grade point of 2.82. The inauguration of the Chavara Hall in February 2013 gave wings to the dreams of a mini-auditorium for student activities and association programs. Rev.Dr. Gilson John CMI put in sincere efforts to bring new post graduate and graduate courses to the college and as a result M.Com and B.Com with Taxation were sanctioned in June 2013, M.A. English and B.Sc. Mathematics in the aided stream were started in 2014 and BBA in self financing stream was started in 2015, taking the college to greater heights in academic field.

Considering the need to provide additional space to the college, he took initiative to add an additional block to the existing building and its foundation stone was laid on February, 22, 2014 and was blessed and inaugurated on July 10th 2015.

Now the college provides for the study of nine UG courses viz, B.Sc. Chemistry, B.A. Economics, BBM, BBA, B.Sc. Physics (V) Applied Electronics, B.A. English (V) Copy Editor, B.Com. with Computer, B.Com Taxation, B.Sc. Mathematics and four PG courses viz, M.Sc. Chemistry, MSW (Medical & Psychiatric Social Work, Child & Family Welfare), MCom. & M.A. English. The college has also a Research Department in Chemistry.We have well equipped laboratories for the science courses, computer labs and a computerized Library.The college is well reputed for academic excellence and discipline. Our institution is blessed with a team of dedicated teachers who take great delight in moulding the future generation. The ambience the college provides, with the beautiful ranges of mountains all around, where rain and snow play hide and seek, where ravines and rivulets flow zig zag, is certainly conducive for study and all round development.