Integrated MSc Programme in Computer Science Data Science

The Department of Computer Science of St. Joseph’s College strives to shape outstanding computer professionals with ethical and human values to reshape the nation's destiny. The training imparted aims to prepare young minds for the challenging opportunities in the IT industry.

The department was established in the year 2021, with a curriculum in line with IT industry expectations and research. The department also provides opportunities to work on collaborative projects with industry and IT firms, faculty expertise in recent technologies. The Department has always endeavored towards attuning students with the required technical and soft skills, to adapt to the rapid development in the field of IT and research. The primary focus of our curriculum is to impart technical know-how to students, promote problem-solving skills, ignite their research aptitude and trigger the interest in innovation of new technologies.

Student Development Programmes

  • Practical tips for building better speaking skills
  • Practical tips for building better technical applications
  • Interactive Session on Ethics and professional behaviors at College and Workplace

Seminars and Training Programmes

  • Orientation programmes
  • Webinars


  • Excelsiors


  • Fresher’s Day
  • Parent – Teacher Meeting
  • Association Day

Programme Overview

The syllabus and curriculum of Integrated M.Sc. Programme in Computer Science offered by the University is so designed to make a set of highly talented and skilled computer professionals enough to meet the requirements of software industry, research and development as well as in academic arena of Computer Science. The five year programme spread across 10 semesters inculcates the knowledge in Mathematics and Statistics essential for a computer professional in addition to computer programming skills. The Integrated M.Sc. Programmes are designed as an alternative to the M.Sc. programmes after the B.Sc. degree . A candidate joining the programme have to take serious efforts during the period to acquire the essential skills. The integrated programmes enables the aspirant to complete the Post Graduate programme in a single stretch. On successful completion of the programme, the candidate will be able to meet all expectations of the industry or can pursue research work leading to further laurels. The integrated programme syllabus consists of the fundamental papers of Computer Science as well as the latest additions on topics like Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Internet of Things. The syllabus of these Integrated Programmes give more stress on practical knowledge than conventional courses in Computer Science. The final semester is compulsorily meant for a project work / internship of six months duration, helping the candidate to be an IT professional. As part of Internship, the candidate can study any of the technology or package of industrial demand, which may not be covered in their syllabus